Our Workshops were a huge success and plan on doing more in the future. Workshops are happening! Thanks to a grant received and figuring out a way to do activities safely we can continue this program! A big THANK YOU to our friends who donated tv trays so we could expand the number of attendees to our Craft Classes and upcoming Bingo! Scroll down for photos of our current events!

  • We’ve been able to increase the size of our classes from 5 to 8 which is awesome!
  • Our Events include everything from Acting, Crafts, Working Out, Bingo, Play Writing and More!
  • We are always looking for donations of any kind!

2 thoughts on “Creative Chaos WORKSHOPS

  1. Hello,
    I have a client I work with who has an intellectual disability, and she has been wanting to get into acting. I was wondering if you were currently having any workshops now or in the near future that she could inquire about. I’m so happy that this troupe exists as I think theater should be accessible to EVERYONE.

    Ambrose Saunders

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