BFF’s for life

Many years ago, my dear friend Monica Venice shared her goal which was to be on stage. I took her to an audition at a local theatre. The part she was auditioning for was a disabled women who only said the word “No.” I thought this would be the perfect start for her acting debut. I was shocked that upon arrival I was asked to step outside by the director. “Why would you bring her here and put me in this position?” I was speechless. I was then asked to leave with Monica. This was the first time that I ever witnessed discrimination against someone with a disability.   This began my goal to make Monica’s dream of being on stage a reality! A few years later it finally happened: Monica was cast in Gypsy. Shortly after that, she was cast in Willie Wonka. I was stage manager for Wonka and brought some of Monica’s fellow peers to see a dress rehearsal. They were in ahh and so proud of their friend. Then it started: “Carmen when are you going to get me on stage? Carmen I want to act too!” I realized it wasn’t only Monica’s dream but many others.  I shared my story with a few of my fellow actor/ theatre friends, but got nowhere. Then one day my friend, David Work, contacted me. He asked me if I was still interested in starting an acting group with my friends who have disabilities. We talked and then a few months later Creative Chaos was born and I had actors with different abilities on stage fulfilling their dreams.