Here is our Documentary…… Enjoy 2/25/2022

HELLO, Let me introduce you to TRIXEEE. That’s correct she has 3 E’s in her name because she is EEExtra Fabulous. We will call her Trix for short.

Carmen Dowell

Trix came to life after I saw a Jim Henson grant for puppeteers. We had already done a puppet workshop in the summer that went quite well. So I asked my friend Al Ciopino who is a known puppeteer in our town if he wanted to come do a little show for us and see if there is an interest. UH YEAH! He did an awesome performance and then everyone wanted to join up!

So jump a few months later filled with workshops and glue blisters, and lots of glitter and fur our Chaotic Puppeteers Group was Ready!

Save the Date: February Art Walk we will introduce you to this Fabulous Puppeteer Group!

Ian with Goatee, Angela with Jeffrey the Pirate, Natasha with Jeffrey the Purple doggie, Monica with Daisy Lou (she is Miss Piggy’s Sister from Hollywood.) Jill with The Mighty Red Dragon. Alex with Cletus at the workshop. Group photo of Cletus and the interested puppeteers!