We are for hire!

Recently we had the opportunity to be the opening act at the COSA Education Fall Conference. I brought some of my actors and we did a few scenes from our last play, Under the Big Top. Then I spoke about our project, Creative Chaos. After that we had an open discussion where the actors could talk with the audience. This would be great for your next business meeting or:  if you are a school and want to educate & learn about people with disabilities. They can do just about everything you can do, just they learn differently. With my past experience in working with people with disabilities I have learned what works and what doesn’t work. I have come up with the 10 Methods of teaching acting. I am available to come speak with you regarding the 10 Methods and teaching you. In the near future I will have a full seminar for purchase regarding these methods that have proven to work. People with disabilities currently have activities like Special Olympics, & Action Clubs with the Kiwanis. Have you ever asked them, “Do you want to be on stage?”

This could be a great fundraiser for your local school or Special Olympic Program and I would be more then happy to help!

[box] It was so exciting to be asked to go to the COSA Conference last week. I took Chip, Monica and Gary. We opened the conference with a few scenes from our last play and then spoke a little bit about Creative Chaos. Later we were able to speak more in depth about Creative Chaos, How it came about and the 10 methods that I have created to help you teach someone to be an actor on stage. Whether you are doing a high school or community play and are combining people with disabilities and non disabilities, or a group like Creative Chaos where all the actors have disabilities. I have found that these 10 methods will be a great benefit. For more information on these 10 methods feel free to send me an email. creativechaoscg.com[/box]

The 10 Methods

Would you like to see Under the Big Top ? Below is our You Tube address. Happy Watching.

YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7mD1uwZpYo&feature=share

Thank you to Matthew Goes for Putting this video together for us.