A group of talented actors with disabilities who are here to entertain you.


We are back! This play is all about time travel. If you could go anywhere in the world or out of this world….Where would you go? Well 7 actors take you on their mini adventures. Join us as we travel to some amazing places!

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Thank you!

I am happy to share that  recently I received a nice letter and donation from a lady who saw the show and was moved. Thank you so much Rev. Sherry Lady.  Your support and kind words are gratefully appreciated. It’s nice to know that there are wonderful people like yourself in this crazy world who support this project.

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Exciting New Beginnings

                                                                                                                                                                                                       I love my parents. They always encouraged me to be creative and adventurous. So proud to be their daughter.


I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be standing on stage with my fellow Special Olympic athletes who are now my fabulous actors. This year many doors have opened for us and I am truly blessed to be given this opportunity. I have found my purpose and will continue Creative Chaos as long as I have actors willing to trust in me. I have learned so much these past six months about myself and my extended family . Don’t let anyone tell say  you can’t do something because you are different. We  are all different and it is our differences that make us special…….Everybody Love Everybody!

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