Thank you

When planing Arts and Crafts considering the social distancing, I realized I could only have 4 members at a time. When 14 members signed up for Arts & Crafts I realized I needed to figure something out. I turned to Social Media and asked the people of Cottage Grove to please donate TV trays to Creative Chaos. Within 3 days […]


I am happy to announce that our Summer Test Acting Camp was a success! I realized more needs to be done for my friends in this community. I am hoping that everyone who wants to will be able to event at least one workshop. There are 6 different workshops in October to choose from. We will be doing Arts/Crafts, Body […]

What’s Up Next?

In June we start up again with our weekly acting workshops at The Opal Center. This is where we work on our acting skills which include character building and role playing! It is in these workshops that the actors begin to help me create our next adventure on stage. We are always looking for more actors and everyone is invited […]