How? Why? Did Creative Chaos start?

Creative Chaos was  conceived when founder Carmen Dowell took Monica Venice, a women with Down’s Syndrome, attempted to audition for a play at a local theatre. The director called Carmen outside and said she would have to deny her the opportunity to audition and asked them to leave. Monica was crushed, it was her dream to be on stage. Carmen never gave up, it was her mission to see Monica preform on stage. A few years later she was on stage as an extra. She also was cast in a few other plays since then. Many of Monica’s friends attended her performances and became interested in being onstage. That’s when Carmen realized there was a need for an acting group with individuals with disabilities and Creative Chaos was started.

Founder Carmen Dowell & Actress Monica Venice

Founder Carmen Dowell and Actress Monica Venice always find time to have a dance number in each play they do. They have taken tap classes together and enjoy preforming.

” Mike was a tree in our first play. He had no lines and just stood as a tree. I had three trees in this play. I wanted to include the actors who didn’t speak or their differentability kept it difficult to understand what they were saying. The next year Mike comes into the first practice and says, “I don’t want to be a tree!” WHAT? you can talk??? I had no clue and he has been talking on stage ever since!